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If you can’t find the answer to your questions or want to talk to us, please e-mail us at talk@the-collaboratory.com

You can use any computer, tablet or mobile device that has internet access. It helps if your device has a camera too.

Your information is protected by a limited-access secured database that can only be viewed by the-Collaboratory employees.

Sure! You can have them visit www.the-collaboratory.com and click on the “Apply for Membership” link. They can also email us at talk@the-collaboratory.com.

It is possible you entered an inaccurate email address when you registered. Email us at  talk@the-collaboratory.com  and give us your first and last name as well as your current, accurate email address. We will be sure to get you back on the right track.

You are only allowed one the-Collaboratory profile since we only need your answers once. If we discover you have signed up more than once we will disable your account.

We recommend you put in your PRIMARY email address, meaning the one you use most often. We also recommend you put in a backup email address so we can contact you if your primary address fails for any reason.

You can go to the “Edit Profile” page on your home page to access your profile. You can update your profile at any time, whenever you need to.  If you run into any issues or questions, reach out to talk@the-collaboratory.com

We use this information to select the surveys that are most relevant to you. Also, we use your name and address ONLY to send you your check. It is never given to anyone or sold to mailing lists.

Your answers are combined with all the others and presented as a whole to our clients. If we quote any of your answers, we will identify you only by your first name and last initial, unless you give us permission to use your full name.

Yes, we have members all over the world, and we can send checks and PayPal payments anywhere in the world.

If you complete the study within the given timeframe, you’ll get your check approximately 3-4 weeks after the study’s completion. If you are ever missing a payment after 2 months of a study’s completion, email us at payment@the-collaboratory.com so we can look into the situation for you.

No, we do not pay you for screeners. (Screeners are the initial short questionnaires we send out to identify members with specific qualifications.)

Each study’s compensation varies. Most studies are in the form of a guaranteed check. Others may be for products/services or a drawing to enter for cash and/or prizes.

It depends. Some months we may have a couple for you. Other months you may not get any. It depends on the kinds of surveys we are doing each month, and how many members fit each survey’s requirements. We will contact you when a new study is ready so make sure to check your email.

We encourage you to visit the site often so that you can update your profile with the latest information. The more detail you provide, the more likely you will be accepted for a project.

A member may be invited to participate in paid projects. Projects can include activities such as an interview, online blog, survey, ethnography, and street reporting.

A respondent must be at least 14 years old to participate. We encourage anyone who is interested to sign up. You will be sent a screener so that we can learn more about you and your interests.

We will send you an e-mail message to let you know about a new opportunity for which you may qualify, and will provide you with details on how to apply, such as through a URL to the screener.