the-Collaboratory Manifesto

We all know that the Internet is a free-for-all. Everything is shared; everything is wiki. The democratization of information on the web has indeed been an amazing thing, and we are in awe of the power of collaborative, collective workspaces that exist online. But we also think that the ability to apply some sort of filter is critically important. Information on the web can be misleading. We know that anybody saying she is an 18-year-old female could well be a 45-year-old man. And just because 352 random users think a restaurant is good does not mean that it is good. And you don’t have to be an expert on spelunking in Kentucky to blog like one. Uncensored freedom is what we love about the Internet, but it also means that a person must tread with caution when looking for useful information online. Hence the need for a bit of exclusivity and like-mindedness, the need for a curated micro-community that exists for a very specific reason. Hence the need for The-Collaboratory.

The-Collaboratory is revolutionary in that it’s an online community with incredible scope, yet it is selective. Members must be invited to join, which means we know each of our participants and we know that we are all here because we want to participate with brands in a meaningful way. We enjoy trends and sharing information, and want our voices heard when it comes to new products and innovations. In short, we want to help brands design better products that will positively affect our lives.

We Are the-Collaboratory.

Would you like to be considered for participation in The-Collaboratory?